We provide innovative solutions to the Armed Forces, Government entities, and Commercial firms

Passion, dedication, and consistency are key guiding principles of our company which helps us establish long-term, trusted relationships.

BHE Land Systems is an Emirati and veteran-owned company excelling in military support services.

Our comprehensive portfolio includes Defense MRO & Industrialization, Vehicle Sales & Integration, Supply Chain & Procurement, Offset Management, CEMA Sales & Support and Training Management

Located in Abu Dhabi, we seamlessly integrate cultural heritage with military expertise to provide unparalleled solutions. Our diverse team ensures operational readiness and fosters innovation.

Foreword from the Chairman

It is indeed a privilege to draft this foreword and acquaint you with BHE-Land Systems With over 40 year's experience across the group, BHE-LS has been dedicated to pushing the boundaries in the defence sector, offering top-tier solutions to the land forces of the United Arab Emirates. None of our accomplishments thus far would have been possible without the support of our respected leaders and international strategic partners, who share our unwavering commitment to protecting the UAE homeland and maintaining it's territorial Integrity

Our journey has always revolved around the ethos of "Building a Stronger Defence force together," fuelled by our dedication to excellence and commitment to our core values. At BHE-Land Systems, success is measured by the tangible difference we make through the products, services, and solutions we provide to our customers

In the dynamic landscape of defence, BHE-LS remains resolute in its commitment. I take immense pride in our achievements thus far, and I am eager about the prospects that lie ahead as we broaden our presence across the GCC region. With innovation and progress as our guiding principles, I am confident that BHE- Land Systems will continue to lead the way and positively influence the defence industries of tomorrow

I extend my heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering support from our invaluable strategic and international partners on this remarkable journey, fostering industrialization, and advancing emiratisation initiatives Together, let us continue to shape the future of defence with excellence and integrity

Humaid Saeed Al Dhaheri Chairman, BHE-Land Systems

BHE-LS Board of Directors

Area of operation

BHE Land Systems is primarily based in the GCC region, with our headquarters situated in Abu Dhabi. In addition to our central hub, we maintain operations in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Our reach extends far beyond borders as we offer technical support and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) training to armed forces worldwide.

Leveraging our robust presence in strategic regions, we excel in delivering tailored solutions that cater to the distinctive needs of military clients on a global scale.

Clients & Brands