Trusted By Industry Leading Partners

By partnering with International OEM's, we embrace the UAE's vision to create value. Accelerating the economic growth and capabilities of the UAE's Armed Forces by introducing international innovation & technologies.

BHE-LS In The Community

At BHE-LS, our commitment extends beyond the boundaries of our core operations We actively engage and support the community through collaborations with non-defence organizations that align with our values and objectives. Key entities BHE-LS engages with include educational institutions, fostering innovation and knowledge exchange to drive progress in technology and related fields.

Additionally, through our support of T.A.P.S Charity, we provide essential services and resources for veterans, acknowledging their sacrifices. Our partnership with the UAE Deaf Association highlights our dedication to inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring that all community members have the support they need to thrive. Furthermore, our sponsorship of a local football team, Abu Dhabi Storm, underscores our dedication to grassroots sports and community involvement, promoting values such as teamwork, leadership, and healthy lifestyles.

These partnerships reflect our commitment to making a meaningful impact, both locally and globally, across various domains of endeavour.