About BHE Land Systems

BHE Land Systems is an Emirati and veteran-owned company excelling in military support services. Our comprehensive portfolio includes Defence MRO & Industrialisation, Vehicle Sales & Integration, Supply Chain & Procurement, Offset Management, CEMA Sales & Support, and Training Management

Located in Abu Dhabi, we seamlessly integrate cultural heritage with military expertise to provide unparalleled solutions. Our diverse team ensures operational readiness and fosters innovation. Upholding integrity and prioritising customer satisfaction, we cultivate enduring partnerships built on trust and excellence, establishing new standards in military support for a safer world. As a trusted provider of defence solutions in the Emirates, we are dedicated to advancing the UAE 2030 Vision.

Our mission is clear to become the trusted provider of defence services. Through innovation, strategic alliances, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we also contribute to Emiratisation efforts. Our unwavering focus is on being the foremost provider of cutting-edge defence solutions. Aligned with the UAE's strategic objectives, we emphasise in-country value creation, delivering top-tier supply chain solutions and nurturing innovation. Through strategic collaborations and steadfast dedication, we aim to strengthen national security while contributing to the growth of the UAE's defence industry and economy.


Contract secured with the US Government to service vehicles for the Afghan Security Forces.

Footprint doubled, to 60,000 assets with comprehensive services including training, supply chain management, base operations, and vehicle services.

Contract expanded to encompass 30,000 assets in service, alongside the construction of more than 30 service facilities worldwide.

Collaboration formed between AMS and BHE to establish AMS BHE Mission Sustainment, fostering a robust partnership within the UAE's Defence sector.

AMS BHE wins a contract to support in Qatar with MRAP vehicle maintenance & repair.

Contracts secured with the UAE Government for the training and support of its military fleet.

AMS BHE awarded a contract to provide training and support to the UAE military fleet across all Emirates.

AMS BHE transformation into a trademarked company, now known as BHE Land Systems.